Multi-robot Cooperative Control

We focus on some frontier subjects in multi-agent system to overcome the challenges of achieving advanced intelligence and security performance, including intelligent sensing, decision-making, cooperative control, and attack and defense theories, as well as their applications in industrial fields, such as environmental monitoring, target search and tracking.

HCA-based Targets Search

We introduce multi-peak PDM to model the possible positions of targets. This formulation provides an accurate model basis to the efficient targets search which improve the accuracy and efficiency of following steps. The concept of HCA is proposed to extract important regions from multi-peak PDM, and a HCA-based coordinated search method is designed to reduce time cost.

Attack against Formation

We propose an intelligent attack strategy against the robots formation with obstacle-avoidance. The attacker can infer the area by trial and error and  regress the mechanism by machine learning methods. Then, an intelligent attack is designed that the formation robots are fooled to move into a preset trap. 

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