robot platform

Intelligent Robot Systems

We build a self-designed multi-robot platform, where the robots are capable of running in omni-direction with highly accurate control and reliable communication performance. Moreover, the robots are very convenient to embed other advanced on-board equipments to meet different kinds of practical application requirements.

Platform Construction

  • With networked communication, integrated computation
    and control to support the operations in the physical world,  mobile
    robots have been a research hotspot in the field of control and
    robotics and receive considerable attention. From unmanned
    aerial vehicles (UAVs) to unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs),
    either single or multiple coordinated, mobile robots are becom-
    ing more and more pervasive in both industrial and military
    fields, e.g., logistics transportation, environment exploration,
    surveillance and reconnaissance. There generations of self-designed robots are presented. The final goal is to make them more accurate, stable and intelligent. 

Multi-robot Targets Search

  • Targets search is a key problem in multi-robot system, aiming to search for specific targets with multiple robots in a large scale environment. It has shown great values in many real life scenarios, e.g., tactical reconnaissance, search and rescue (SaR), environmental exploration. There is an active research community proposing multi-robot decision=making solutions for targets search. This video presents a simple illustration of multi-robots targets search using our self-designed robots, achieving stable and satisfying results.

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